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What VPOP3 is
VPOP3 is an innovative RFC-compliant POP3 server with a bunch of exclusive features which guarantees you a major flexibility.
vPOP3's actual features
  • Can handle both sendmail mailboxes and qmail maildirs
  • Can be run standalone or by inet deamons as well.
  • Supports reverse mapping of virtual user table
  • Authentication is modular: you can write and plug in your authentication module or use builtin ones.
  • Provides builtin authentication modules for standard passwd and mysql-based authentication
  • And, of course, is GPL'd and OpenSource.
VPOP3's missing features
  • Major portability on commercial systems (Solaris, Win32,...)
  • Insert APOP crypto-authentication support
  • Handle other authentication modules and some more virtual host techniques
  • Let it make a good italian coffee.