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What rICMP is
The rICMP tool is a Linux kernel patch that interacts with the TCP/IP stack.
The patch let you reboot your (probably hanged) machine remotely, using a simple ICMP Echo packet (also known as ping :)).
Obviously, the only prerequisite for this operation is having the target host have an "alive" TCP/IP stack.
This is almost true, except for some Catastrophic kernel panics. This patch should be functionally compatible with most Halted Firewall patches and has been used extensively as a embedded systems add-on.

Basic components
rICMP is composed by a linux kernel patch which implements all low level functions, plus a set of userland tools.
The patch implements basic reboot capability and a small set of rules to filter hosts that may perform the magic ping.
Also, the magic ping must contain a configurable password to be effective.
The user lands tools let you configure the password, in both hex or ascii format,
IP filters, by accepting denying and/or logging reboot requests